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Pretty good

It translates full sentences and well. I cant believe this is free. Dont know if it works offline right now or not. Will check back in and let ya know. .................Ok, checking back in. After turning off my internet connection, I can inform you that this app does NOT work while offline. You have to have an internet connection. Still pretty good but, would love to have something of this caliber that I can truly call portable.

Quite bad

This frustrating for a experienced user and dangerous for an experienced one.


cant use this! Transrate this for Japanese, I loved you,but its over. Imi fumei...na honyaku . Tsukaenai....


I wrote a letter English to Japanese with this! My wife thought I had a friend write it for me!

Shuts down

Just upgraded to iOS4 about 2 days ago. The results were good but to my surprise not all applications work especially this one. It crashes down a few seconds after you launch it. Please, hope you guys could fix this problem as soon as possible. Thanks in advance and looking forward for a great result.


Thanks a lot..

have to be precise

This is an easy app to work, but you really have to be precise on what you type to get a translation. I just downloaded this and wrote "Hi, how are you?" and wanted it to translate in Spanish. It gave it back to me in English. Then I typed "how are you?" and it worked. I just typed "where is the bathroom" and it came out blank. Then typed "where is the bathroom?" and it worked. I want to buy the upgraded app that does the pronunciation, but am hesitant. Ill play around with this one first before I look into another app.

Who in the fcuk made this

I want my money back! The person who made this is incompetent. Why would you not have the phonectic botton for spanish, french German or a language that somebody cares about. You have it for the languages that nobody will ever need to translate becuase nobody go to there county. Thanks. What a joke. (- 5) s


It keeps on crashing, its annoying, please fix it because I like all of the languages

Works great

It translates english to spanish really good. I like how you can type in what you want to say. Many apps have templates you have to pick but this you get to choose. The translation comes as fast as you can type out the words! A must have.

Slow and clunky

Very slow at translating even with a fast Internet. Rubbish usability interface. Needs improvements.

Cant get speak to work

Tried the Russian speak to work. Downloaded it twice because I thought something was not installed right. Tried the voice restore too. It didnt give me credit for the first purchase as promised . I rate this as junk . Would like my money back.

Needs improvement

I use this app a lot for different countries and I wud use the Google translator and it worked very well. Now the Google no longer works and I am force to use Bing and Bing is a horrible translator. Please fix Google.


Sounds very accurate translator, but a question is that sometimes the pronunciation key failures.

Not all Bing languages supported

If you look at bing translate then look at the list of languages this app supports there are a few missing. Perhaps it only lists all the languages both Google and Bing have in common.

Like this app

I got this app to help with my Spanish , work good could work on the Translation conversion but it got what I needed to say across ! She got the point!

PhD in sushi

OCR is totally useless. I (a white guy) know more kanji than this app.


This app is good for translating words. I use it to help solve other language words in crossword puzzles.


I,like this translator too much but I,kindly request I,have need for English and other language to Pashto translation Think you Hayatullah Sabawoon Adviser of MORR Afghanistan

Im So Happy

Because They Did Helping Me To Translate To (Copy/Paste) Send Text Message

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